DRAFT Drafts The Bachelor

January 2, 2018 12:44 pm / Published by

Announcing the first ever, and potentially only, Bachelor Draft on DRAFT!

What happens when you get a group of individuals together who love to draft? Spoiler alert: they draft. We here at DRAFT draft all day long, and we don’t confine ourselves to just sports drafts (although those are our favorite).

In the spirt of ABD (Always Be Drafting), I got a few of my coworkers together for a live draft of this season’s contestants on The Bachelor. Rules are simple, draft a 5 person team and whoever picks the lucky lady who steals the heart of the middle aged “race car driver” wins.

I decided to use all of our limited budget of $0 on producing a live draft video, which we’ve posted below. For some reason, the lighting makes it looks like we’ve filmed this in Heaven, which I guess is an appropriate nickname for the DRAFT office.

If you’re as passionate about The Bachelor as I am, hit us up on twitter @playdraft and share your thoughts. I hope at least a few of you do, otherwise they probably won’t let me produce any more Bachelor content.

As always, here for the right reasons and forever looking for love,

Brett West

Or if you have 10 minutes to burn, click here to check out the extended Director’s Cut, which is twice as long but slightly funnier:

The long Bachelor draft version

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