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It’s no secret that DRAFT employees love to draft. Unfortunately and ironically, we’re not allowed to play our game the same way you guys are.

Some fantasy company, you know which one, made a booboo a few years ago so now we can only play amongst ourselves. It’s okay though, we’re all mature adults who can accept hard truths (plus you guys are probably way better than us and would take all of our monies).

Since we can’t play you on DRAFT, we got Brett from Marketing, Nick from Social Media, Dean from API, Ellington our Android Dev, and Nate from Support to draft for tonight’s NBA slate. Go ahead and roast our picks on twitter.com if you must.

1.1 Russell Westbrook  – Brett

-Really didn’t want pick 1 tonight, RW clearly the best option on a strictly points basis, but F is very thin and debated going AD who has been scorching

1.2 Demarcus Cousins – Nick

-Generally try to avoid players on the 2nd leg of a back to back, especially guys who have occasional effort problems but Cousins is just too dominant at the 5 to pass up.

1.3 Giannis A.  – Dean

-You can’t go wrong with any of the 3 top forwards in today’s slate.  I give an edge to the Greek Freak with Davis on the tail end of a back to back and Durant’s slightly lower usage rate.

1.4 Anthony Davis – Ellington

-Plan was to take Giannis, which I was skeptical about vs a Miami team he had a subpar (for his standards) game against. Decision was made for me, and I am more than happy to take AD in the middle of a dominant streak that has looked pretty effortless. Plus two 40 point games in a row means he’ll be looking for a streak.

1.5 Kevin Durant – Nate

-An easy pick. There were 5 tier one players: Westbrook, Cousins, Antetokounmpo, Davis, and Durant. I just took the one that fell to me




2.1 John Wall – Nate

-Was between him and Curry, but didn’t want to have all of Golden State and Wall has a huge size advantage on Kemba Walker

2.2 Steph Curry – Ellington

– I think Steph is undervalued this season due to his absences, Biggest worry is the Warriors blowing out Chicago and Steph sitting. But I think the Bulls will keep it competitive and GSW will need a great game from Curry.  I was also thinking there are 5 top centers playing tonight, (DMC, Gasol, Drummond, Howard, Jokic) so no reason to take a center early so at that point the decision was basically DeMar vs Steph, went with my gut

2.3 Blake – Dean

– There’s only a small drop off after the top tier of forwards, but an huge drop off after the 2nd tier of forwards. I’m taking Griffin, who is the best of the bunch.

2.4 Lou Williams – Nick

– Clippers are too dramatic right now to not get involved. Chris Paul is leading his team through secret tunnels to pick a fight and I’m still feeling that post-50pt-game-glow from 6-man

2.5 Kristaps – Brett

-Don’t love targeting guys with low team totals, but KP should be a safe set for a big game in a highly rare competitive Knicks game



 3.1 Kawhi – Brett

-With F very thin I wanted to lock down another big gun. Since New Years Kawhi has been great when active. He’s not on the injury report and I expect a big game. Hopefully there is no Pop funny business and worst case I’ll be able to swap

3.2 Demar Derozan – Nick

-Was tempted to take him at 2.4 – already missed on the premier Forwards so lets load up on Guards. Like Demar at home in the 6, maybe Drizzy will pop by

3.3 Jokic – Dean

-With only 1 center off the board, and a glut of similar guards available, I’ll take one of my favorite players in the NBA, Jokic, who’s rare ability to fill every column on the stat sheet gives him a leg up on other centers most nights.

3.4 Andre Drummond – Ellington

-My goal was an undervalued Kawhi, but he was smartly taken just before. Drummond was the BPA at this point

3.5 Paul George – Nate

-Playing his hometown Lakers, I like the chances of PG having a good game. And I wanted to go forward and save my 2nd guard for my last pick.




4.1 Dwight Howard – Nate

-He’s actually been having a very underrated season and I thought he was a fair amount better than the other center options

4.2 LaMarcus Aldridge – Ellington

-The player pool is shallow at the forward spot around this point in the draft, so wanted to get my second forward taken here. Decision was Draymond vs LMA, I went with LMA. Dray is questionable, but really could have gone with either.

4.3 Kemba – Dean

– The Wizards have a habit playing down to their competition, and Charlotte is not good. As the first and option, Kemba should be able to put up a solid stat line against the Wizards.

4.4 Montrezl Harrell – Nick

-Loved Montrezl in college, love his name, love his game. Finally fantasy relevant and I had to have him. He reminds me of Lorenzo Mauldin and I’m a big fan of his, so that was a plus too.

4.5 Marc Gasol – Brett

– My least favorite of the C options, but I have all 5 of the top options in a similar tier so I was happy to wait and see who fell to me



5.1 Tyreek Evans – Brett

-Hate essentially stacking the low total Knicks-Grizz game, but if this game ends up competitive all three guys should hit value and I will be in a great spot.

5.2 Tobias Harris – Nick

-I recently saw a video of him teaching Boban how to dance and he vaulted into my short list of favorite players. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd1a3Yngpv_/?hl=en&taken-by=tobiasharris

5.3 Dennis Schroeder – Dean

-The Hawks are another team with very few options on offense.  Someone has to score, and throw in a few assists and you have a fairly high floor game in and game out. (edited)

5.4 Jrue Holiday – Ellington 

-Jrue is in the middle of a hot streak that is really being overlooked. The Pels are 3-0 in their last 3 games with Jrue averaging close to 26/5/5. I think he will keep up his great play

5.5 Donovan Mitchell – Nate

-The electric rookie against a pedestrian Kings defense? Yes please


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