Fantasy Hockey Tips and Tricks from The Guys Who Wrote the DRAFT Hockey Rules

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Did you know DRAFT has an NHL Lobby? Seriously. We do.

Fantasy Hockey is actually a huge favorite with hardcore DFS guys due to the volume of games, but it can also be a little intimidating if you’re not all aboot the NHL. Paying attention to line changes, goons, backup goalies, and scratches can seem a little daunting, but that’s why the DRAFT Fantasy Hockey Podcast exists. Also because no one else in the office will talk about hockey with us and we really need this outlet.  

With an episode every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and even most Saturdays, we aim to provide you with all the info possible to make the right decisions all season whether you’re playing season long or daily fantasy.

Podcast Schedule

On Mondays we wear pink and preview the week and prep you for what’s to come. We cover players that everyone knows down to the guys that are probably less than 1% owned. This breadth of coverage allows you to find value that others may be ignoring. We also look at pickups from a long term perspective and a short term streaming perspective to ensure you’re looking at players correctly.

On Wednesday we aim to separate the signal from the noise. Perhaps our most popular episode of the week, the Unsustainable Wednesday show has helped thousands of people not to pick up or drop someone just because everyone else is. We take a look at players that have highly unsustainable stats, both high and low. So no need to over react in any way, we’ll discuss players in depth and give you tools that will help you distinguish when a players performance is actually sustainable.

Fridays are about recapping the week. We praise the best of the best and call out the players that played like hot garbage. Not only do we recap the week to give you some perspective on what’s going around the NHL, we also preview the weekend. Often times the weekend has strange schedules and for those in the know, you can take advantage of this. We give you what players and matchups to keep an eye out on.

Ultimately, the Fantasy Hockey Podcast aims to give you information and tools that should make you a better fantasy player. We stand by the calls we make, and even review our own calls a week later to own up for any mistakes. Rest assured, we take our own advice so we’ll be right there with you. Whether you’re new to Fantasy Hockey or a 20 time champion, this podcast is for you.

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