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February 6, 2018 9:59 pm / Published by

– Things are continuing to get ugly with the Cavs. An anonymous player was asked if Deandre Jordan would help them out, his response… “Montell Jordan could help us right now.” Yeesh, we know the annual Cavs panic gets out of hand but things are looking bleak for the King.

– Dirks jersey was misspelled Monday night. They’ve only been doing this for 20 years, you’d think they’d get his right….

– Malik Monk records the rare LiAngelo stat line 0/0/0/0 and 1 steal on the road… Monk has been quite the disappointment so far.

– Reports that Lakers Front Office is kicking the can down on the road on when they plan to make a big Free Agency push. Lots of speculation about Lebron and/or Paul George this summer, but it might be Summer ’19 until the Lakers make their run. Kawhi, Klay and Butler all available….

– Fun Trivia: The Nets traded Tyler Zeller for Rashad Vaughn…. The 3rd time they have traded a Center for a 2015 first round pick

– Pistons are 4-0 since the Blake trade… they are now another good team that still cannot beat the Warriors, Celtics and Cavs fans let them in their club.

– Ewing Theory is in full effect in DC where the Wizards are 5-0 without John Wall and are assisting on 74% of their baskets

– Possible suspension looming for Robin Lopez as he brutally assaulted… a chair.

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