A Guide to Surviving the NBA All-Star Break

February 20, 2018 2:36 pm / Published by

Is this the worst time of the year? It’s cold out, the void of football is as painful as ever and the NBA is on a far too long hiatus. Never fear, we are here to guide you through these hard times. Without further ado, here are some ways to pass the time.

1. Do a Hockey draft
Watch Hockey (maybe for the first time) and do a Draft! Ovechkin and the Caps (Our Year!) take on the white hot Lightning tonight. Should be a scoring festival, don’t watch the game without getting in on the action first. We got Calgary at Vegas Wednesday, this is it how ended last time, you don’t wanna miss Round 2 https://twitter.com/GoldenKnights/status/958766751843434496

2. Hit up that Golf draft
Golf is hot in the streets and Tiger is back! Not only that but you can get him at great value on Draft. You know you’ll be cheering for Eldrick anyway so go ahead and get him on your squad.

3. 2018 NFL Season Long
Remember we referenced the void of football? Well the Best Ball 2018 lobby is open now so you can still scratch that never ending pigskin itch. This time of year you can find some real hidden gems in the later rounds and draft a team that you could only dream of come August.

4. Draft an NBA team for Thursday’s Slate
While it might be a tease, the NBA window is now open for Thursdays slate. Hop in there and continue the countdown until our beloved basketball returns. Lebron cursed half his All-Star teammates with injury, think you know who’s going to fill the void left by these key injuries? Prove it!

5. Olympics
The Olympics are on (though to be honest, were more interested in the Bachelor Winter Games). We have personally enjoyed all the snowboarding, all of the bobsledding, and the idea of curling. Turns out actually watching curling is kind of extremely boring

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