Drafts on DRAFT: Episode 4 ⛳️

February 21, 2018 6:39 pm / Published by

For this episode of Drafts on DRAFT, we’re all about golf.
So let me just get this out of the way now.

Okay, so golf. The Honda Classic kicks off on Thursday, and we have three DRAFT team members who are passionate about golf and or / very interested in a legitimate excuse to leave work at 11AM and go to bar. We’ll let you decide who’s who.

Drafting Golf on DRAFT is very simple, you just take the top five players you think are going to perform the best, with points being awarded based on Per Hole Scoring and Tournament Finish.

1️⃣ With the first pick, we’ve got Brettwest, Acquisitions Marketer & 90s Movie Expert.
2️⃣ With the second pick we’ve got Easty, our Web Engineer & Vegemite Spokesperson (apparently the trick is to only put a little on your bagel).
3️⃣ And with the final pick we’ve got Ashcashmoney, our incredible Office Manager and Chief Snack Officer.

Sit back and enjoy this Golf Draft. And follow along on twitter to vote for your favorite team and get live updates.


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