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MLB is back on DRAFT in an all new way.

Whether you played with us before or are trying out MLB with us for the first time, this is a brand new game. We changed both the shade of red we’re using in the lobby (we think a slightly darker red just adds something) and also the roster requirements for your MLB drafts.

Two pitchers in your lineup? Not anymore! Now you only need one. Choose YOUR ace for the day. Only three hitters? What was up with that!? Now you have four – two infielders and two outfielders. What does all of this mean? Who knows! It’s your lucky day, because I do.

Let’s start by talking about pitchers.

Main takeaway: you only draft one. All you need to do is find one pitcher who you think will have a good game. But what is a good game for a pitcher on DRAFT? That’s a great question, I’m glad you asked it.

We score pitchers based on Innings Pitched, Strikeouts, Earned Runs given up, and whether or not they get a Win. You get 1 point for each inning pitched, 1 point for each strikeout, -1 point for each earned run given up, and 4 points for a win. This means you can target pitchers in a few different ways. Think a pitcher has what it takes to go deep into a game? Target them and have a nice floor of points from Innings Pitched. Think a pitcher will strike a bunch of batters out? That’ll also give you a good floor of points. Put it all together, and you get a good chunk of points form your pitcher. For example, on August 22nd of last year, Chris Archer pitched against Toronto and threw for 6 innings while recording a 10 strikeouts and a win – 19 points! That’s really solid, and a good start.

The meat of your points will come from your hitters, though. 🥩 🍗

Now with four hitters on your lineup you have four chances to find a hitter who has a great game. Two of your hitters have to be infielders (C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, or DH) and two of them have to be outfielders (LF, CF, or RF). A big game from one of your hitters can put your team over the top. Hitters get points for a number of different things.


Scoring Play (Infielders and Outfielders) Points
Single 3
Double 6
Triple 8
Home Run (HR) 10
Run Batted In (RBI) 2
Run (R) 2
Walk (BB) 3
Stolen Base (SB) 4
Hit by Pitch 3


Looking at an example, Giancarlo Stanton had a monster day against the Padres on August 25th last season. He went 3/3 with a Double, 2 Home Runs, 3 Runs, 5 RBI, and 1 BB. That’s 45 points! That game is certainly an outlier and not what you should expect from your hitters, but it goes to show just how quickly your hitters’ points can add up. A big day from a hitter can carry your team to victory, but a 1/4 day from your hitter is more probable – leaving you with only 3 points.

There are many things you can look at to try predict which players will perform well. You can look at the history between a pitcher a batter. You could look at the ballpark which the game is being played – is it friendly to hitters or to pitchers? You could look at the weather conditions for the game. You can also look at the batting order for each team. Find your secret sauce and you could own the diamond. Whatever you do, don’t forget to pop open a box of Cracker Jacks, smother a hot dog in the toppings of your choosing, and enjoy baseball being back. Happy Drafting!

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