Drafts on DRAFT: Episode 5

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Time to put on your Hulk Hogan bandana and dust off your Declaration of Independence, because the most American day of the year has arrive: Major League Baseball’s Opening Day.

We at DRAFT have been counting down to MLB starting back up since November 2nd, 2017.  It’s been a long 147 days.

Besides ordering hotdogs and cracker jacks for the entire office, we also decided to celebrate MLB being back in our lives with a special baseball edition of Drafts on DRAFT.

We snuck out of the office left with the explicit permission of our bosses and went to the local watering hole, ordered a few 11AM beers, and did an MLB draft.

Drafting MLB on DRAFT is pretty simple. You take one pitcher, two infield hitters, and two outfield hitters.  As you’ll see in the video, there are quite a few different strategies for beasting at MLB.

1️⃣ With the first pick, we’ve got Drafts on DRAFT veteran and lover of Popeye’s Blackened Chicken DRAFTNick.
2️⃣ With the second pick we’ve got Product Ops very own Phil. Phil’s original nickname was supposed to be LilBabyPhil, since the dude just turned 22 like yesterday. However, due to his choice of outfit for this draft, we are pivoting his nickname to be PhilJobs. How could we not?
3️⃣ And with the final pick we’ve got FrankJudge, superstar of our Marketing team and current owner of the coveted “Best Mustache at DRAFT” title.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Pretty much the minute we finished editing this video, the Pittsburgh / Detroit and Washington / Cincinnati games were postponed. PhilJobs had three players affected by the postponement. However, thanks to the handy swap feature, he was able to swap out Scherzer, Turner, and Harper for Kluber, Story, Pollock. DRAFTNick also swapped out Votto for Bregman.

Sit back and enjoy this Baseball Draft. And follow along on twitter to vote for your favorite team and get live updates.



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