Did you know Kobe Bryant wasn’t that good.

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Kobe Bryant is often mentioned in the same breath as guys like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Lebron James. I’m not sure he should be mentioned in the same breath as Tracy McGrady, Paul Pierce, or Vince Carter. Kobe Bryant was consistently carried by all-time great bigs, namely Shaq and Pau, and shrunk in his biggest moments. Kobe stinks, here is the case:

From 2000-2002 the Lakers went 25-7 without Kobe. Not bad for missing their “star”

Maybe Kobe just matters more in the Finals:

in the 4th quarters of the ’09 and ’10 NBA Finals:
Kobe shot: 22-74 (29.7%)
Gasol shot: 20-34 (58.8%) carrying them to victory in 2010


Eh, he was sorta old in ’09-’10, maybe #8 fared better:

Kobe in the ’04 Finals when guarded by T. Prince:
G1: 2/12 (17%)
G2: 7/17 (41%)
G3: 2/8 (25%)
G4: 4/13 (31%)
G5: 4/9 (44%)
Overall: 19/59 (32%)

Ok ok but YOUNG Kobe was a real baller:

Games with 40+ points in the 2001-02 season:
Young, vital, athletic Kobe Bryant: 1
Fat, old, drunk, cigar smoking 40 year old Michael Jordan: 5

Who cares about the regular season though Kobe was a playoff warrior, you don’t want to see Black Mamba in crunch time:

Actually Kobe blew a 3-1 lead in ’06 to the Suns and scored a grand total of 1 point in the 2nd half of Game 7. Mamba Mentality indeed.

But Black Mambas killer instinct didn’t really kick in until later in his career:

Game 7 vs Rockets in the 2009 WCSF:
Kobe: 14 points, 7 rebounds on 4/12 FG
Gasol: 21 points, 18 rebounds on 10/17  – carried them again

MJ was better at defense, but Kobe couldn’t be stopped on O:

Scoring Titles: edge MJ
PPG: edge MJ
APG: edge MJ
RPG: edge MJ
SPG: edge MJ
BPG: edge MJ
FG%: edge MJ
MVPs: edge MJ
FMVPs: edge MJ
DPOY: edge MJ

Alright alright MJ might be the GOAT but Kobe definitely has an edge on Lebron:

PPG: Lebron

Kobe’s career highs in 7 different Finals series: 40 pts, 15 rebs, 10 asts
LeBron’s highs in just the 2016 Finals: 41 pts, 16 rebs, 11 asts

Fine, maybe Lebron is better, but Lebron might end up the GOAT, Kobe DEFINITELY has KD beat:

Seasons finished Top 2 in MVP votes
Kobe: 3 times in 20 years
KD: 4 times in 10 years
Scoring Titles:
Kobe: 2
KD: 4

None of these stats really show how good a shooter Kobe was though:

Seasons shooting 47% while avg +25 ppg:
MJ: ×10
KD: ×8
Melo: ×3
Pierce: ×1
Kobe: ×0

Ok but he was an EXCELLENT rebounding Guard and killed the finals:

Out-rebounded by Chauncey Billups in the ’04 Finals while leading his team in turnovers and misses

NBA Finals Games shooting 50% or above:
Kobe: 5 in 37 games

Kobe 2000 Finals:
G1: 14 pts on 46%
G2: 2 pts on 33%, team WON w/o him
G4: 3 turnovers and 4 fouls
G5: 8 pts on 20%
G6: Shot 1/8 in the 4th


Kobe stinks, I rest my case.

disclaimer: this is just 1 surly Celtics fans opinion

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