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[Updated with a new link for Week 15 results]

We’ve been getting a lot of requests here at DRAFT HQ for some more information on the Best Ball Tournament teams. You’ve asked us, “What do the teams who are still alive look like?” and “What player has carried the most teams through the tournament?”

Those are both great questions and answering them is part of the fun of the Best Ball format. So since we don’t like fun (WE LOVEEE IT), we decided to release the data that will answer all of your questions.

Attached here is an insanely big CSV file of all of the Best Ball Tournament rosters drafted for the 2018 season. This includes all of the rosters from the Best Ball Championship, Mega Best Ball Tourney, and Mini Best Ball Tourney. Each roster has an ID and a Round Eliminated. The roster ID is simply a way to identify all of the players on one roster. The Round Eliminated value (either 1, 2, 3, or 4) tells you how far that roster made it in the tournament. We’re on Round 5 now, so teams with a Round Eliminated value of 5 are still alive!

Click here for the [Updated!] goods (then click download)

If you don’t have the time to sift through the data, here are a few fun facts for you:

– In the Best Ball Championship, Travis Kelce is the highest owned player on teams still alive. He’s on 86 of the 240 teams remaining (36%). He’s been awesome, but he’s not the only tight end leading teams to victory.

– Four of the top ten highest owned players on teams remaining are tight ends –  Jared Cook, George Kittle, and Eric Ebron are also in the top 10. And people said there were no good tight ends!

– Christain McCaffrey and Saquan Barkley are the two most owned running backs on teams still alive. That’s not that surprising… Who’s third? Tarik Cohen!

– There are only two wide receivers in the top 10: JuJu Smith-Schuster and the savior of the Cowboys, Amari Cooper.

We’ve had a great time with these Best Ball tournaments, and we hope you guys have enjoyed them too. And remember, if you’re already knocked out, check out Playoff Best Ball. It’s live in the lobby now!


Click here for the rosters of the teams in the Finals

Tournament ID Key:

  • b6984d7d-c9f2-453c-9261-802e44e433b9 = Best Ball Championship
  • 69aed818-15b3-437d-b688-42218c199c75 = Mega Best Ball Tourney
  • 88919c80-cad4-4fe6-ad5d-d43e4d4161e4 = Mini Best Ball Tourney

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