NBA Best Ball Championship Rundown

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To close out the NBA Regular Season, we decided to launch an NBA Best Ball Championship. You may have seen it in the lobby, or in an email from Sophie, or maybe not at all – either way, we realized that there’s probably a large number of our users who aren’t familiar with the Best Ball Championship format. So here’s a rundown of everything you would need to know if you wanted to enter the NBA Best Ball Championship (insert video of Jim Halpert trying to figure out what a rundown is here).

What is Best Ball?

  • 1. Best Ball is a contest format where you draft more players than actually count towards your final score
  • 2. Your lineup is set automatically for you, with your highest scoring players always put into your starting lineup
  • 3. It’s traditionally season long, but we host half-season, playoff only, and other types of multi-week Best Balls as well.
  • 4. Unlike regular season long leagues, you can draft as many Best Ball teams as you want! That’s because there’s:
    • – No maintenance
    • – No trades
    • – No waivers
    • – No setting your lineup

How Does NBA Best Ball Work?

  • – Your starting lineup each week consists of:
    • – 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, 1 Center, 1 Flex (your next highest scoring player, can be any position)
  • – Every week, your highest scoring players overall will automatically be put into your lineup
    • – Total scores are used, not per game averages.
    • – For example, if Joel Embiid plays three games and scores 120 fantasy points and DeMarcus Cousins plays two games and scores 100 fantasy points, Embiid will be your starting Center and his 120 fantasy points will count towards your score for the week.
  • – Scoring is weekly (Mon – Sun)
  • – For single game per week sports (NFL, Golf, EPL), your players who score the most in their game are the ones that fill your lineup
  • – For multi-game per week sports (NBA, MLB, NHL), your players who score the most over the course of the entire week are the ones that fill your lineup

Now, what is the Best Ball Championship?

  • – The Best Ball Championship is a Best Ball Tournament, designed to award a Grand Prize to the best Best Ball teams out there.
  • – You draft your team just like a normal NBA Best Ball draft anytime prior to NBA tipoff on Thurs 2/21 at 7 pm ET.
  • – Drafts are $25 to enter, 10-person, and 16 rounds with a 30-second pick clock. There are 100 drafts total before the tournament is full. You can enter a maximum of 10 times.
  • – Once your draft is complete, scoring will begin Thurs 2/21 at 7 pm ET (the first game after the All-Star Break).
  • – Unlike a regular Best Ball draft, this is a tournament and there are three rounds that you need to advance through.
    • – Round Schedule:
      • – Round 1: 2/21 – 3/10 THREE WEEKS (includes the All-Star Break and the two weeks after)
      • – Round 2: 3/11 – 3/24
      • – Round 3: 3/25 – 4/14 THREE WEEKS
  • – Your team stays the same through all three rounds of the tournament – you do not redraft for each round.
  • – Once Round 1 is complete, the 100 teams that are in first place in their draft advance to Round 2. These 100 teams will be randomly split into 10 leagues of 10 teams. Then, once Round 2 is complete, the 10 winners of these leagues will advance to Round 3. The 10 teams in Round 3 are put into one 10-person league. Once Round 3 is complete, the team with the highest score wins the Grand Prize.
    • Scores reset each round. Grand Prize goes to the team with the highest score in Round 3 only, not the team with the highest score from Rounds 1-3.

For more information like prizes and rules, head here:

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